The Catholic Radical Unschool Cheese

It’s a hot sticky summer’s day. I sit beneath the whirling fan,  thoughts swirling around my head.

A whole new year stretches ahead of me. What shall I do with it? Shall I blog? Podcast? Do something completely different?

My husband Andy sits at his computer. He’s working on his plans for the next school year. He has a new teaching position, a new challenge. He’s excited.

All my daughters are busy. They have dozens of ideas they’re working on. They’re excited too.

It’s just me and the cat who sit idly beneath the whirling fan. The cat isn’t thinking. She never does. She’s happy just being. But me? I need something meaningful to do.

And then I have an idea: “I could create a new blog,” I say.

“What sort of blog?”

“Something Catholic? I haven’t written about life from that angle for a long time.”

I sit beneath the fan with new thoughts circling within my head: What will I call my new blog?

I think of dozens of names and reject them all. They’re too ordinary or too obscure. I want something different but appropriate.

And then I have it: “I’m going to call my blog The Catholic Radical Unschool Cheese.”

Everyone raises their eyebrows. They wait for me to explain.

“That name contains all the important words,” I say.

Imogen smiles. She understands. “Oh yes! Cheese! That’s a very important word.”

“I like cheese,” says Gemma-Rose.

We all like cheese. Cheese is important.

“Do you remember the cheese Athanasius used to bring to the homeschool camp each year?”

Our mouths water as we think about that hard pale-yellow cheese dotted with peppercorns. We inhale deeply recalling its exquisite delicate smell. Chunks of cheese and glasses of red wine. Perfect.

“We haven’t had that kind of cheese for a long time,” says Andy.

“I know where we can buy it,” I say. “They sell it at the markets in town.”

“Can we go get some?”

“Another day. Right now, I want to create my blog: The Catholic Radical Unschool Cheese. Do you think I should add the words and other stories of our life?”

“That title implies you’ve written a story about a Catholic cheese,” Charlotte points out. “Have you?”

“Well, no,” I admit. “But there might be such a story in my head. I just have to find it.”

I also have to find other stories to post. What will they be about? I look at my blog’s title for inspiration. A radical cheese? An unschooling cheese? Perhaps not.

But I could write about our Catholic radical unschooling life. Would anyone read such stories? I suppose people might if they like cheese.

So I’m wondering…

Do you like cheese?


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    Your cheese with peppercorn in it sounds like the one we used in Germany. We used it for oven-baked vegetarian dumplings with apple and cheese – Well now I know what to make for dinner once my “Dinner-time challenge” has ended. This sure is one time consuming and tasy meal.
    Catholic cheese, I have no idea.
    Radical cheese – the offensive smelling one hubby sometimes eat?
    Unschooling cheese – sounds like a make your ovn cheese project is up and coming. I wonder if you can do this?
    And stories. YES! I love to read your stories of you and the Elvis team.

    1. Reply


      I’m so pleased you found my new blog!

      I love the sound of your oven-baked dumplings! Catholic cheese? How about holy Swiss cheese in honour of the saints?

      I haven’t done much writing recently so I’m looking forward to writing some stories. Actually, I’d hoped to have published a few more posts by now. This post is looking very lonely on this brand new blog!
      Sue Elvis recently posted…The Catholic Radical Unschool CheeseMy Profile

    • Vicky
    • January 28, 2017

    Hi Sue, I love cheese and I love your stories so I think I’m going to love this blog! It’s so good to see you enthusiastic about your writing and starting a new project. Happy writing! xxx

    1. Reply


      Thank you for your encouraging words! I have loads of stories in my head. I’ll have to write them down so you can share them! xx
      Sue Elvis recently posted…The Catholic Radical Unschool CheeseMy Profile

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    Sue, a fresh new blog for 2017. How inspiring! I love reading all your stories. I’m so glad you keep re-inventing yourself because if it helps keeps you interested in writing, then we get to keep reading!

    1. Reply


      Creating a new blog is always exciting. I haven’t done that for a long time. I just hope I find enough time to write some posts here. I think I’ll enjoy sharing a few stories once I get into the swing of writing again. Thank you for wanting to follow along!
      Sue Elvis recently posted…The Catholic Radical Unschool CheeseMy Profile

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    Ha! I totally thought you were making cheese as one of your unschooling adventures! It’s not a bad idea, actually, since you all like cheese. Cottage cheese and mozzerella are both easy and delicious. We like to make mozzerella and mix in herbs- very yummy! There are lots of how tos on the web.

    Anyway, happy to see your new blog! 🙂

    1. Reply


      The only cheese we’ve ever made is cottage cheese. That was super-easy. Mozzarella with herbs sounds delicious. I shall have to do some googling!

      I’m happy to see you on my new blog!
      Sue Elvis recently posted…The Cheese GraterMy Profile

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